an instance of this

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Collaborative installation and performance with Radha Chandrashekaran and Jen Rae, 2006.  Also created a collection of monotype prints while doing a residency. The Other Gallery, The Banff Centre Fall 2006.

an instance of this

Installation for instance of this


Rice Hands


Rice Body PAttern by Jen Rae


Rice Body Pattern by Radha Chandrashekaran



This project includes: 4 part video projection sequence with audio, ceramic bowls (credit: Kevin Tweed), digital prints and the performance (greater than the whole III)
4 part video sequence titles:

  1. in situ (this is the floor washing sequence)
  2. greater width than depth (this is the foot washing/red bowl piece)
  3. an instance of probability (this is the rice hands piece)
  4. greater than the whole I & II (there are 3 in total: the ones where we pour rice over each other)

Artist Statement

The impetus of this collaborative project is the ritual of creating Mandalas. Sanskrit for ‘circle’ or ‘completion’, the Mandala is of Hindu origin, but is a timeless cross-cultural form used in architecture, philosophy, art, religion, psychology and more. In practice, the Mandala is a circle comprised of a series of geometrical patterns, often representing the cosmos metaphysically or spiritually. The centre of the Mandala, called the ‘bindu’ in Sanskrit, is believed to be a tremendous point of energy from which everything else originates.

Our collaboration is an attempt to combine both our eastern and western perspectives on the Mandala from traditional rice powder drawings to video performance and gestural drawing. The four part video series (in situ, greater width than depth, an instance of probability and greater than the whole I & II) and the performance (greater than the whole III) coalesce our exploration of rituals associated to the Mandala from site preparation, to feet cleansing to intuitive mark making.

The work an instance of reciprocity marks a point of departure in our partnership at The Banff Centre. It represents the process of collaboration through gesture, sound and movement. Almost like the rhythmic contractions of the heart, there are moments of intensity offset by moments of stillness and contemplation. Originally created as one work, this piece is now considered a work in progression. It is our intention to revisit this work in Radha’s home country India in 2007 with the goal to involve other participants so we may further explore acts of reciprocation, serendipity and connection.

Video © 2006 Radha Chandrashekaran and Jen Rae

Opening Invitation

an instance of reciprocity, 2006/07

Mandala with the rice powder drawing

Using rice powder instead of rice a Mendala design is created.

Major credit goes to Jen Rae, who setup the video and did the editing. Ms Rae works from the studios of the Banff Arts Centre , where international artists often gather for collaborative sessions