Announcements Early Fall 2007

I am fortunate to have been invited to participate in a few outstanding artistic projects here in India and in UK.  First is a book publication.

I have been honored by Zerbanoo Gifford to be included in her newly published book “CONFESSIONS TO A SERIAL WOMANISER Secrets of the World's Inspirational Women” 

Book by Zerbanoo Gifford

In the first venture of its kind the book contains the wisdom of over 200 of the world's most dynamic women, who speak frankly about everything: their mothers, families, education, men, gurus, love, feminism, fairy stories, failures and successes. In an era that worships celebrity, this is a celebration of true celebrities - women who will leave a lasting legacy enriching the lives of future generations.  Zerbanoo Gifford works for the ASHA Foundation.  ASHA comes from the Sanskrit root meaning “eternal law,” “the inherent nature of existence.” In Avestan Persian the word ASHA means “the righteous way” and “divine justice.” In many languages it also means “hope.”  Click here to learn more about the bookClick here to see my Highlights.

Art Show in London

I am currently part of an Art Exhibit Title "India Through the eyes of its Woman"  This is being conducted at The Noble Sage Art Gallery in London.  The reception is Wednesday the 5th of September.  Below is the annoucement.   If you would like more information click here to link to the Gallery .

Noble Sage Invite
Noble Sage Invite Text

Art Show in Chennai

I have been invited to exhibit at Artworld in Chennai, it is a group exhibition.  The exhibit is title "Maya".  For those of you who do not know Maya (Sanskrit माया māyā), in Hinduism, is a term describing many things. Maya is the phenomenal world of separate objects and people, which creates for some the illusion that it is the only reality. For the mystics this manifestation is real, but it is a fleeting reality; it is a mistake, although a natural one, to believe that maya represents a fundamental reality. Each person, each physical object, from the perspective of eternity is like a brief, disturbed drop of water from an unbounded ocean. The goal of enlightenment is to understand this —more precisely, to experience this: to see intuitively that the distinction between the self and the universe is a false dichotomy. The distinction between consciousness and physical matter, between mind and body (refer bodymind), is the result of an unenlightened perspective.  I hope you find that interesting.   Click here to learn more from the Art World Gallery.  The annuoncement is show below.

Art Workd Exhibit Invitiation