Bark Painting

Collaborative Bark Painting

I have been in Yirrkala from 2001 to 2004. I have been in Darwin for a printmaking workshop conducted by Basil Hall in 2001 where I met several Aboriginal artists from Yirrkala. I visited and collaborated with them over and over again and this is work was created in 2002. I have curated an Exhibition of their prints at Gonzaga University in 2004. Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre is a community owned and run art centre established in 1975.

It is in the famous coastal town of Yirrkala on the edge of the Arafura Sea and the Gulf of Carpenteria. This small community art centre has won 23 major national art prizes in the last fifteen years. It is the origin point of the Land Rights struggle, Yothu Yindi and the choreography of Bangarra Dance Theatre. But Yirrkala Print Space is a little known secret. Although Buku-Larrnggay Centre was established in 1976 it was not until 1996 that the Print Space was built. Since 1996 Yolngu people in this remote East Arnhemland community have been editioning their own prints. This non-profit enterprise started through a collaboration with master printer Basil Hall. But true knowledge of the craft of printmaking is only gained through experience and patience. Over fifteen years the Yolngu printmakers of Yirrkala have been printing full time. They have passed down these skills to new generations of young Yolngu printmakers. Until now their prints have only been available online or at the annual Garma Festival in a bush gallery under the stars. Art Melbourne will be their first public printing display and exhibition out of the Northern Territory.

Attending to make art, print and meet people will be artists and print makers;

  1. Barrata Marika
  2. Dhapanbal Yunupingu
  3. Ruby Alderton

The following award winning artists are amongst those being exhibited;

  1. Nyapanyapa Yunupingu (NATSIAA 3D 2008)
  2. Djambawa Marawili (NATSIAA Bark 1996)
  3. Banduk Marika (NATSIAA Bark 2006, Red Ochre 2000)
  4. Naminapu#2 Maymuru (NATSIAA work on paper 1996, NATSIAA 3D 2006)
  5. Gulumbu Yunupingu (NATSIAA First 2004, WAIAA Peoples Choice 2010)
  6. Gunybi Ganambarr (Xstrata Emerging 2008)