Faces of India Exhibition

Faces of India Art Exhibition

India experienced a Tsunami on Sunday morning, December 26, 2004 from a magnitude 9.1 earthquake on the floor of the eastern India Ocean. Over 227 thousand people died along the shores of the Indian Ocean from the event, 18 thousand in India alone; many in my homeland of Tamil Nadu. While in the US I had the opportunity to help as many individuals reached to help. A fund raiser was conducted through the sale of artwork on a February Final Friday event.

With the assistance of local group, Aid for India, the Pendleton Art Center conducted a normal Open Gallery Night into an opportunity to sell art and donated some of the profits to the Aid India Organization. Direct donations were also collected. This group saw to it that the funds went directly to those who needed it. I contributed by quickly putting up an Art Exhibition that you see here call "Faces of India". The Exhibit was a compilation of Photographs that I took over the previous 2 years on my travels throughout Southern India.

Study Trip to Honnavar India

Here are some on the images from the exhibition space and from that night itself. All the images have been converted to black and white to keep the focus on the people in the photos.