Paper Making Workshop at Vishtar

Going to Visthar was quiet an experience for four long days.

The long bumpy bus drive from Srishti to Visthar, the dust, the honking of cars, students laughing and enjoying themselves on the ride back and forth, the hot lunch, seeing the students work with enthusiasm in papermaking and in the end the creation of the final installation..... was all worth it.

The campus of Visthar was green with many coconut, banana, mango and jackfruit trees. Everything is lush and green. There was this huge empty well next to the paper making area. The students loved going into this well and chill out. Stephen, head of paper making department was ever so gracious and kind to help and show the students more than they needed to know. Thank you, Visthar and Srishti Foundation students for making this class a great success

Read the students blog to see images. . .