Printmaking Workshop at NKU

'Narrative Art Workshop” through mixed Media printmaking techniques

I taught a 'Narrative Art Workshop” through mixed Media printmaking techniques and the Venue was Northern Kentucky University at the Printmaking Department. Telling a story through printmaking has a very popular means of expression.  I asked the artists to use text, photography, and images to make a print very painterly. Using mixed media and image transfers, I wanted them to tell their  unique story. Artists such as Robert Rauschenberg and many other contemporary artists use mixed-media to create expressive, unique and dramatic paintings which explore themes that are important to them either politically, socially, morally, or emotionally. Using nontraditional printmaking techniques the workshop explored a wide range of transfer and surface techniques. They combined and integrated the different mixed media to pull together a finished piece. Workshop was experimental with techniques such as gum prints, Xerox transfers and a variety of mixed- media applications within the parameters of printmaking.  Art work can make a social statement or personal or strive to communicate important messages to society at large.

You can download the announcement by click here Printmaking workshop announcement