Tiger Lilly Sacred Journal Workshop

Tiger Lilly Press, Sacred Journal Workshop

Sacred Journal Book Arts Workshop
"Synchronicity in Art and Spirit"
Radha Lakshmi
Saturday, May 12, 2012
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Tiger Lily Press
4356 Dunham Lane
Cincinnati, Ohio  45238

I am a creator of intimate maps, just like you, like water, like wind, like land. We are all creators of boundless paths. ~ Orly Avineri
A simple painted, printed journal is transformed into a unique artist’s book. We let Synchronicity take over. We began the workshop with ephemeral art drawing Kolam’s at the threshold. The we created and meditated on single Mandala’s on paper.  We began on a large sheet of paper, with calculated placement of circular openings, and then painted, collage, transfer, and embellish with elements we provide, or additions you select. The first step of the creative process is to ‘commit’ content to the surface, and then the remaining answers begin to reveal themselves. Symbols, circles, repetitive patterns play an integral role in our interactive art book. We focused on all celestial beings, particularly symbols from different and our own spirituality. These subjects unlock portals where one can explore dramatic shifts from light to dark, the subtle nuances between positive and negative, and the navigation of scale and repetition. Therefore, a compelling part of our journey is the teaching of art making and visual journaling. With many colorful Tibetan, Japanese and other papers to choose from, you will create an exquisite, one-of a-kind book that will also serve to help you remember your spiritual journey.