Workshop at the Contemporary Art Center Cincinnati OH

Cincinnati Comtemporary Arts Museum Workshop_2011

20th of June 2011 I gave a 'One Night One Craft' for grownups at CAC.The workshop was on teaching how to make a Kalam or pen that is used in Kalamkari Craft Tradition. Kalamkari is the ancient art of decorating cloth with the aid of a kalam or pen.  A term mainly used to describe cotton fabrics patterned through the medium of vegetable dyes by free hand painting and block-printing, this category of fabric now covers a wide range of textiles produced in many regions of India. The Kalamkari tradition is more than three thousand years old.  The earliest fabric samples of this craft found in the Mohenjo-daro excavations date back to 3000 B.C. The Kalam is made out of bamboo and cloth and thread. I had 60 people who participated in the workshop  for two hours and it was so much fun. Very creative people at the workshop of all ages.